Smart Home Power Strip Wi-fi controlled, 4 Outlets + 4 USB Ports works with Alexa

Name:Smart Home Power Strip Wi-fi controlled, 4 Outlets + 4 USB Ports works with Alexa
Model:C138 WIFI
Rated Voltage:125V
Wireless Type:WI-FI 2.4GHz
Wireless Standard:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
USB output:5V 2.1A/total
Plug & Play Wi-Fi Controlled Smart Home Power Strip
Smarten Up Your Outlets

Control all connected devices through a tap of your phone or the sound of your voice with the Wasserstein smart power strip. 
Simply connect our Wi-Fi controlled strip to the free App or pair it with your Amazon Echo or Dot and give your home an instant smart upgrade the affordable way.

4 outlets and 4 USB ports for convenience.
No expensive hub or subscription needed.
Short-circuit and overcharging protection.
Compatible with Alexa and free app.
Safe to Use

100% Alexa Compatible

Turn off that lamp, get your electric kettle going, or switch off the iron with just the sound of your voice. The Wasserstein smart power strip is fully Alexa compatible. 
And while other strips struggle to connect with your Echo or Dot, we’ve specially configured ours to connect to your smart speakers quicker and smoother.

If there are some of your batteries for your electronics do not switch off once charge is complete, and if you leave a battery and overcharge it then it can reduce it's lifetime.
Luck to you, our Wi-Fi Power Strip can be a good investment to your worries. When you away, you can just turn it right off from the app, control it remotely, or set up an automated on-off schedule.


Rated Voltage: AC 125V
Working Frequency: 60Hz
Wireless Type: WI-FI 2.4GHz
Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Rated power: 1875W/total; 15A/port
USB output: 5V 2.1A/total

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