Rated Current: 13A

Rated Power: 3250W

Working Frequency: 60Hz

Input Voltage: 250V

Wireless Type: WI-FI 2.4GHz

Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Socket Type: 1-Position Socket(UK plug)

Product Size: 90*53*70mm

Package Size: 10*9*6cm

Net Weight: 117g

Gross Weight: 160g

Color: White

Package Includes:

1* Wireless WiFi Smart Socket

Product Overview

WIFI smart socket works through WIFI, by which you can remote control your home appliances in your mobile phones. This product supports tasks, the countdown, real-time two-way feedback, etc. If you want to use voice control, you can connect it to the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, and when the configuration is successful, you can use voice control devices.

Add Skills

1.To enable Alexa Voice control your Smart Outlets: Open your Alexa App, click 'Home', then select "skills" to enter the Alexa Skills page.

2.Search "Smart Life", then click "Enable" to activate and bound your Smart Life App with your Alexa App.


If you have previously bound, you can click "Disable Skill" to unbind, and then click "Enable Skill" in the figure above to continue to bind the new Smart Life account.

3.Login to your Smart Life App account that has been registered previously.

4.You have now successfully activated and bound your Smart Life App to your Alexa skills.

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Gift Wrap

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