YK-4S Smart USB charger

Name:YK-4S Smart USB charger
Model:Yk-4S usb charger
Color:white gold black and other color
Material:Fire-resistance PC shell
Input:100-220V AC (50-60Hz)
USB Port:4 USB port
Output:5V 2.4A (total 4.6A)
AC Plug:AU/EU/UK/US/Universal
Power Cords:1.2M
Protection:over-current /over-voltage /short-circuit protection
Charging for:ALL USB devives, such as mobile phone, power bank, Mp3, Mp4, camera, etc
Package;PE bags, blister packing or customer requests
Wattanty:12 months

YK-4S Smart usb charger------"Smart" means the USB solution offers charging to equipment based on the equipment feature. For example: one cellphone charging requirement is 2A, then the USB outlet will charge the cellphone with the speed of 2A, will not offer 3A. Therefore the USB is safe for the equipment. the minimum speed for each USB outlet is 2.4A. The USB charger can recognize equipment automatically, and charge equipment based on equipment feature.


YK-4S usb charger universal usb multi charger is defined as a family used charger with total output current of 5A which can charge consumer or entertainment electronics less than five sets at the same time.The meaning of this product is to help family to solve management problem that so many chargers in AC outlet and will surely bring fun to your family.

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