Quirky Jointed Power-Strip Is ‘A Creative Outlet’

SOMETIME MY EMAIL brings me nothing but endless useless PR pitches, offers to talk with an “expert” on iPad cases or just the usual offers to help export $6 million worth of Viagra from Nigeria. I live through these for the occasional Perfect Storm, a product that makes my gadget-sense tingle, something which not only ticks, but tickles every box on my emotional gee-gaw checklist. Today is such a day.

The product is, obviously, a power-strip. It is also from Quirky, the community-driven product makers that seem to hit almost as many product home-runs as Apple. Third, it is a product that I actually need. So much so that I ordered one before writing a word of this post.

Pivot Power is a flexible power-strip, its jointed sections rotating around one another to accommodate six plugs. Sure, you may have a 6-plug strip already, but how many gadgets can you actually plug in? My 8-plug strip is full with just five items, most of which cover up an adjacent socket. The caterpillar-like Pivot-Power lets you twist to fit and therefore fill every electrical orifice.

The strip is on pre-sale for $23, rising to $25. When all 960 orders have been taken, the production lines will roll and the strips will be cranked out, and a big chunk of the profits will go to the main designers and “influencers” of the Quirky community. I’m number 405 in line.

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