Cruciform Power-Strip Makes Vampires Smile

I LOVE THE surprised-looking faces on this otherwise sinister crucifix-shaped surge-protecting power-strip. I imagine thrusting it into the face of a passing vampire (who one of my stupid flat-mates has guilelessly invited in) and seeing both hysterical fear and mild fondness battling in his yellowing, undead eyes. I also imagine dragging all my cord-tangled gadgets across the room to do it, but still, at least I’m safe.

And that’s not all the “Power/Strip” will save you from. The blurb, from designer Alexander Pincus, promises “comprehensive protection from evil, power surges, and AC contamination.”

The cross-shaped also keeps the bulky chargers away from the smaller-plugged cables, letting you plug in more items at once. Don’t fill up all the outlets, though, or you’ll never get to see a vampire smile.

Power/Strip [Means of Production]

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