Mini USB Wall Adapter

Name:Mini USB Wall Adapter
Model:Mini USB Wall Adapter(C108)
Materials:ABS (Flame-Retardant)
Dimension:2.36x2.36x2.28 inches
Rated Voltage:110-240V
Maximum Current:10A
Maximum Power:1100-2400W
USB Output:5V 3A
Model: Mini USB Wall Adapter
Materials: ABS (Flame-Retardant) 
Dimension: 2.36x2.36x2.28 inches
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Maximum Current: 10A
Maximum Power: 1100-2400W
USB Output: 5V 3A

Universal Smart Charging Hub
● This Wall adapter comes with enough outlets for multiple devices by turning a regular power outlet into a three-port smart USB charger complete with three AC outlets.
Effectively eliminating the need to decide which one of your device to power first. 
● USB output: 5V 3A, USB Power Rating: 15W, each port supports up to 2.4A
● The switch controls the power (on/off) for all the USB ports and AC outlets.  

● Compact and portable, perfect for travelling.

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